Mercury65 - Gasket 65% Keyboard

Gasket 65% Keyboard

Additional information

About the board:
65% Form Factor with a Separated Arrow Cluster
Brass Back Mounted Weight
Gasket Isolation Mount
7 Degree Typing Angle
USB-C Daughterboard
Bottom Engraving
Swappable Badge
PCB: QMK & VIA Compatible

Estimated Date of Delivery: Q2 2022

What is included in the prise?
Mercury65 Keyboard
Brass Weight
Aluminum Plate
Brass Badge
PCB with Daugherboard and JST Cable
Gaskets for assembly

Price (VAT excl)
Keyboard Kit - 371.90 EUR
Brass Plate - 38.84 EUR
Alu Plate (stock with kit) - 34.71 EUR
PC Plate - 34.71 EUR
FR4 Plate - 26.45 EUR
Brass Badge (Stock with kit) - 22.31 EUR
Alu Badge (Rose gold, black silver) - 18.18 EUR
Solder Pcb (stock with kit) - 38.84 EUR
Hotswap Pcb - 47.11 EUR
Metal Cap - 38.84 EUR

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