Keyboard Kit by GEON WORKS

Additional information

Quality variations

A Acceptable small imperfections not visible when built (619 EUR VAT Incl., 511.57 EUR VAT Excl.)
B Imperfect weight and or anodization spots non visible when built (559 EUR VAT Incl., 461.98 EUR VAT Excl.)
C Scratches, visible flaws (499 EUR VAT Incl., 412.40 EUR VAT Excl.)

Extra PCB: 71 EUR VAT Incl, 58.68 EUR VAT Excl.
Plateless Kit: 22 EUR VAT Incl, 18.18 EUR VAT Excl.
Feet: 18 EUR VAT Incl., 14.88 EUR VAT Excl.
Plate (Black Alu): 54 EUR VAT Incl, 44.63 EUR VAT Excl.

For each raffle winner we will do a random roll to assign quality. If your preference does not match the drawn quality then your spot will be re-raffled automatically.

The majority of our extra stock is B stock.

Click HERE to view some B and C stock pictures!

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