Dawn Side

Dawn Founders Edition (FE)

by Finite Design

Additional information

Dawn is a premium 75% mechanical keyboard designed for a comfortable typing experience with a clean, symmetric aesthetic. After several rounds of prototyping, the Dawn Founders Edition, manufactured by Salvun, is being released through a limited raffle.

Form Factor: 75%

Mounting: Isolation mount (PORON strips)


  • Case: White or Cobalt Grey (Cerakoted aluminum)
  • Weight/Accent: Copper (sandblasted and clear coated)

Layout: WK or WKL


  • Included: Copper (sandblasted and clear coated)
  • Optional: Polycarbonate

PCB: QMK/VIA compatible, USB-C daughterboard

Price: 625 EUR VAT excl
Extra PCB Price: 37,20 EUR VAT excl
Extra PC Plate Price: 39 EUR VAT excl

Quantity: 35

Timeline Estimate: April 2022

Note: This is a group buy, the timeline above is only an estimate if no delays occur in manufacturing or shipping.

Sorry, this raffle has ended.