by Laminar Designs

Additional information

Full brass bottom case, aluminum or PC top case
Mounting style: Plateless, leaf-spring gasket
Typing angle: 7 degrees
305x115x32 dimensions
Front height: 18 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg for alu top, 2.25 kg for PC top
PC top is frosted, alu top colors: red, and Greige
Case top layout options: WKL, HHKB and FULL
M3x10 front screws, M3x20 back screws
Standard, easily replaceable 5/16'' rubber bump-ons
PCB based on plain-60

Each kit will come with the following components:
Clear-coated brass bottom case
Aluminum or frosted polycarbonate top case
PCB, daughterboard and JST
5x M3x10 screws
5x M3x20 screws
4 rubber bump-ons
12 gaskets + 2 spares
Microfiber cloth
Carrying case

Keyboard kit: 656 EUR (incl 21% VAT) 542,15 EUR without VAT
Aluminum Plate: 32 EUR (incl 21% VAT) 26,45 EUR without VAT
FR Plate: 24 EUR (incl 21% VAT) 19,83 EUR without VAT
PCB: 45 EUR (incl 21% VAT) 37,19 EUR without VAT

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