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Keyreative Keyset Progress Report

Estimated finish time for DOUBLESHOT sets from Keyreative:
KAT Atlantis 2022.2~3
KAT Explosion 2022.3~5
KAT Monochrome 2022.5~6
KAT Mizu 2022.6~8
KAT Comet 2022.8~9

Estimated roll out time for DYE-SUB sets from Keyreative:

Currently in production:
KAT Iron, estimated finish: 2022.1
KAT Refined, estimated finish: 2022.2~3
KAT Lala, estimated finish: 2022.2

Sets in queue for production:
KAM Ghost, estimated production start: 2022.2
KAT Cat’s Eye, estimated production start: 2022.2
KAT Napoleonic, estimated production start: 2022.3
KAT Crusader, estimated production start: 2022.3
KAM Superuser, estimated production start: 2022.5
KAM Lil Dragon, estimated production start: 2022.7
KAM Ocean Front,estimated production start: 2022.8
KAT Overgrown, estimated production start: 2022.8
KAM Bouquet, estimated production start: 2022.9
KAM Command, estimated production start: 2022.9
KAM Soaring Skies, estimated production start: 2022.10
KAM Sewing Tin, estimated production start: 2022.10

4 January
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Angry Miao needs more time to produce the CYBERBOARD R2

Angry Miao are disappointed to confirm that the defective rate of the PVD + Matt process on aluminum alloy surface is so high that they cannot deliver the CYBERBOARD R2 on time. Defective rate mainly means the tiny scratches and dust spots on the surface (as shown below), and mainly for Jet Black and Psychedelic colors, such impact on Meteor grey color is minor. However, even with such high defective rate, they finally made a difficult decision to continue the production.

Angry Miao will follow up the progress and figure out the exact shipping time or, plan of compensation, if necessary. Factory will announce the final conclusion after 10 days.

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14 July
IKKI68_Aurora_Boxes_600x600 (1).jpg

Ikki68 x Aurora R1 Update

Wuquestudio is finalizing all units for vendors, and still estimating they can ship them out in early July.

1 July

Glorious GMMK Pro Delivery Update

GMMK Pro Black Slate ANSI/ISO Expected ETA 15.07.2021

GMMK Pro White Ice ANSI/ISO Expected ETA 07.08.2021

1 July